Spintronics in novel 2D materials: A solution for future electronics through magnetic devices


Spin, the electron?s angular momentum which makes it behave like a tiny magnet, is used to carry information and can revolutionize electronics. Spintronics (spin + electronics) is the most promising approach to substitute current electronic devices, offering lower power consumption and faster information processing.
Graphene, a one atom thick graphite layer, has proven to be an excellent material for spintronics. However, as for other materials, injection of spin information in graphene is a problem. Using novel layered 2-dimensional materials, like WSe2, I aim to overcome this issue. WSe2 has distinct optical and electronic properties from graphene, offering yet unexplored and exciting spintronic characteristics.
By combining graphene and WSe2 I propose to generate spins by shining light on WSe2 and inject them into graphene, realizing the first opto-spintronic device using layered materials. This new approach bypasses the spin injection problem. Besides that, I aim to generate a spin current in WSe2 by applying a charge current in the material creating a new all-electrical spintronic device. This project will give insights on novel device structures and materials, avoiding current issues and helping the development of the field of spintronics for the next generation of electronics.


Scientific article

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Main applicant

Dr. M.H.D. Guimarães

Affiliated with

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE), Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials

Team members

Dr. M.H.D. Guimarães


01/09/2014 to 10/10/2016