State Building Through Life Stories: Incorporating Local Perspectives


Focusing on state building in Kosovo and Bosnia, this research tries to bring a new, more local perspective to the established literature. State building will be analyzed by using the methodology of life stories, looking at the biographies of individuals whose life experience reveal new aspects about the process of state building.



  • A Rrustemi(2016): Localizing local theory : a comparison between local and international perspectives on state and peace building in Kosovo through life stories , The Hague  September 29, 2016

Scientific article

  • A. Rrustemi, M. Baumgärtel(2013): LËVIZJA VETEVËNDOSJE!: UN MOVIMIENTO SOCIAL CONTRA-HEGEMÓNICO? Balkania pp. 121 - 138
  • A. Rrustemi, M. Baumgärtel(2014): Shooting in the Dark: Evaluating Kosovo's Amnesty Law and the Role of International Actors Hague Journal on the Rule of Law pp. 115 - 140


Project number


Main applicant

A. Rrustemi LLM

Affiliated with

Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der Rechtsgeleerdheid, Politieke Wetenschappen

Team members

A. Rrustemi LLM


01/11/2012 to 27/10/2017