Dutch Fashion Identity in a Globalised World


In the creative experience economy of today innovation pertains to values, symbols, and culture. That is particularly true for dress and fashion, which are central to all forms of human identity construction, from the individual to the social level. In contemporary culture, dressing has become a vital element in performing one's identity. As such, processes of inclusion and exclusion are particularly strong in fashion; wearing the wrong dress can make one an outcast (the headscarf being a vexed example), while the right suit includes you in the group. Fashion is also at the heart of the dynamics between cultural heritage and innovation: culturally (e.g. clogs with stiletto heels by Viktor & Rolf); socially (e.g. the higher classes wearing jeans); and technologically (e.g. globalised organisation of the supply chain). The innovative contribution of this project lies in opening up the under-researched field of Dutch fashion from interdisciplinary perspectives. The project will assess the exchange between economic and cultural performance, which becomes increasingly important in the creative economy. The research hypothesis of the project is that the creative industry of fashion in the Netherlands is capitalising a unique cultural mix of individualism, innovation and (post)modern design. With the results of the research we aim to understand and reinforce the cultural innovation of Dutch fashion in an international context.


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Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. A.M. Smelik

Affiliated with

Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen, Instituut voor Historische, Literaire en Culturele Studies

Team members

Dr. D.S. Bruggeman MA, Drs. M.L.J. Heyde, Dr. A. Köppchen, Dr. C.F. von Maltzahn, Prof. dr. A.M. Smelik


01/09/2008 to 19/06/2014