Building cooperation capabilities for improving resilience and optimizing joint maintenance in future infrastructures


Renewal and maintenance of infrastructures present an immense task the upcoming twenty years, even more so in the face of environmental, societal and technological changes. Currently, infrastructure administrators renew and maintain their infrastructure mostly without explicitly considering renewal and maintenance effects for other infrastructures or the usage thereof. Increasingly, however, stakeholders aim for collaboration and coordinated actions in order to save costs and reduce unpleasant disturbances. However, the effective coordination of maintenance activities appears hard in practice and scientific knowledge on this topic is scarce and underdeveloped. The proposed research project aims to generate new and useful knowledge on this important topic in two separate subprojects. In the first subproject, we develop optimization models that are able to schedule and execute joint maintenance and renewal activities for multiple infrastructures. These will be based upon joint data models and novel mathematical models, building on the maintenance approaches and models currently used by infrastructure administrators, while incorporating overall goals such as accessibility of an urban area. In the second subproject, we will identify the organisational structures and processes that facilitate collaboration between administrators and other stakeholders. Building on insights from organisational theory on cooperation and alliances, we will examine how these structures can be adapted to fit with the specificities of multi-organisational and multi-stakeholder situations. Finally, in a third subproject, we aim to implement some of the findings in pilot projects together with the infrastructure partners involved in the research project.


Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. D.P. van Donk

Affiliated with

Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde, Operations

Team members

L.M. van der Heide, N. Ivanovic


01/09/2018 to 01/02/2022