Global Resources and Sustainability of European modernization, 1820-2020 (GREASE)


GLOBAL RESOURCES AND SUSTAINABILITY OF EUROPEAN MODERNIZATION, 1820-2020 (GREASE) wishes to respond to contemporary EU resource challenges. It develops a cultural, social, economic, technological, and environmental history perspective on the current EU societal challenge of European resource security and sustainable resource use. Specific aims are to develop an international historical research network, a research agenda, an agenda-setting publication, and H2020 & ERC type of research proposals

In particular, the GREASE network studies the historical imaginaries, geographies, and environmental/ social/ economic inequalities and implications of resource-based sustainability entanglements of the Global North and the Global South. Through global resource chains the (non)sustainability histories in the Global North and the Global South have become entangled; neither should be studied in isolation.

GREASE can therefore develop into a global sustainability history network: If we define sustainability broadly in terms of economic, social, and environmental sustainability, a resources-perspective facilitates the combination of existing fields such as (global) economic, social, and environmental history into (global) sustainability history.


Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. ir. E.B.A. van der Vleuten

Affiliated with

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Faculteit Industrial Engineering & Innovation Sciences, Algemene Wetenschappen (AW)


01/10/2018 to 31/08/2021