Senior expert Food System Innovations


The senior expert will co-lead Cluster of Activities 2 of the A4NH Flagship Food Systems for Healthier Diets on Food Systems Innovations. The Cluster will identify concrete opportunities to improve diet quality and develop solutions in partnership with food systems stakeholders, referred to as “co-development,” and then analyse these innovations to study their dietary impacts. Innovations may occur in the public or private sector, and can involve specific nutritious agri-food value chains or broader elements of the food system. Such innovations need a proof of concept to validate their technical, organizational, socioeconomic, and environmental feasibility, and to assess food-system actors’ incentives to implement them. The leadership involves coordinating grant allocation and acquisition of additional funds, stimulating internal coherence and concept/methodology development, and internal and external communication. In addition, the senior expert engages in own research and research supervision on food systems innovations.


Project number


Main applicant

Dr. ir. M.M. van den Berg

Affiliated with

Wageningen University & Research, Maatschappijwetenschappen, Ontwikkelingseconomie (DEC)


01/03/2019 to 31/07/2021