Senior expert Agroecosystems Modelling and Systems Approaches at Bioversity International and CIMMYT


The aim of the project is to harmonize agroecosystems modelling tools and systems approaches across multiple CRPs, CGIAR centres and projects. The expert will develop and apply modelling tools for farm and landscape management planning, aiming at improved productivity, dietary quality, socio-economic performance and ecosystems services. Applications will focus on case studies in cereal-based farms in India (with CIMMYT) and banana-based landscapes in Uganda (with Bioversity International). Special emphasis will be given to spatial processes for mitigation of disease spread and erosion, and to energy and water-use efficiency of farming operations. Modelling tools and approaches with complementary capabilities will be combined in a common platform that provides flexibility for rapid re-use and application in new contexts. The platform builds on collaboration with CGIAR researchers (agronomists, system scientists, modellers, data scientists, etc.) in different institutes and CRPs. Field and farm level modelling will allow spatially explicit planning of crop and livestock operations, and the quantification of a broad range of sustainability performance indicators. These models will be applied to design farm systems with new practices and configurations to improve productivity and water-use efficiency, while simultaneously exploring trade-offs and synergies with income, labour inputs and dietary quality. Integrated farm-landscape modelling will allow multi-scale assessments at field, farm, household, landscape and regional levels. Multi-objective programming will inform the development of farm and landscape management options that strengthen multiple ecosystem services. The results can be used to identify efficient policies to support implementation of desirable futures. Additional research and development projects will be developed.


Project number


Main applicant

Dr. ir. J.C.J. Groot

Affiliated with

Wageningen University & Research, Plantenwetenschappen, Farming Systems Ecology (FSE)


13/09/2018 to 31/12/2021