CILOLAB (City Logistics Lab)


CILOLAB contributes to the transition of the UFT-system towards zero emission city logistics in 2025 by examining, developing and enabling alternatives for urban logistics activities. Specifically, CILOLAB focuses on the transferability and scaling-up of successful logistics initiatives; i.e. concepts that facilitate decoupling between transport towards and in cities.

CILOLAB is an action-driven partnership where cities cooperate with transport operators, interest groups, research institutes and societal partners and collaboratively develop new approaches for urban logistical solutions. Through continuous monitoring and impact assessment these solutions are evaluated and further developed within this experimentation environment, all contributing to the CILOLAB ambition.


Project number

439.18.455 B

Main applicant

Dr. H.J. Quak PhD

Affiliated with



01/08/2019 to 30/06/2024