Intensive Islamic parenting? 2nd and 3rd generation Muslim parents in the Netherlands and their negotiations with parenting discourses


Parenting has become a moralized affair in many Western societies. A dominant cultural discourse, “intensive parenting culture” (IPC), is presented to parents by politicians, law, media and experts. IPC is associated with the rise of parental anxiety, but is also negotiated by parents in various ways. IPC-literature has contributed to our understanding of parenting today, but a bias remains due to disproportional attention to white middle-class families. Through online and offline ethnography, this project depicts the ways in which an upcoming generation of middle-class Muslim parents experiences and ‘re-writes’ IPC on the nexus of class, ethnicity and religion.


Project number


Main applicant

A. Schenkels MA

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Fontys Hogeschool


01/09/2019 to 01/09/2024