Value sensitive collaborative water governance


In the coming decades, extremes of water scarcity and floods will increase in intensity and frequency. National and local governments, water authorities, companies, and communities need to take hard decisions both under time pressure, and on long term outcomes, impacting society in various ways, including safety, mobility, commerce, tourism. One of the major challenges is to align the underlying values -or ethics- of each stakeholders, to achieve water governance policies that are supported by the public.

Therefore, this project focuses on the question 'How to identify and use the relevant underlying values in developing water governance for change?? We take a multidisciplinary approach to investigate multi-actor environments, where individual beneficial actions might lead to undesirable outcomes at the collective level.
We will develop the Values4Water framework that will support elicitation, argumentation and visualisation of the different underlying values and stakes that play a role in water governance situations. The framework includes:
1. An online argumentation tool to facilitate stakeholder participation, that enables to identify,
discuss and share stakeholder values and arguments;
2. A methodology to manage the use of values and arguments at the various stages of
development; the methodology will support selecting priorities and organising user values;
3. A simulation and visualisation environment to analyse and explore the global consequences
of values, choices and constraints.
The framework will be evaluated in case studies in the Netherlands and Mozambique.

Keywords: value sensitive design, participatory stakeholder platforms, collaborative water governance, policy design, ICT support for social collaboration


Chapter in book

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  • V Dignum, I Verdiesen, J Timmermans(2016): MOOD


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Main applicant

Dr. M.V. Dignum

Affiliated with

Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Techniek, Bestuur en Management

Team members

Dr. H.M Aldewereld, J.E. Bieger MSc, Dr. G. Greco, K.A.M. Pigmans


01/05/2015 to 30/04/2019