Joint MFS II evaluation at country level: Bangladesh


The research represents an effective, innovative and value-for-money proposal which brings together a team with a strong reputation in Bangladesh, and with experience of collaboration and working with NGOs. Bath University team members have considerable experience as researchers, policy advisers and practitioners working on poverty reduction within the NGO sector of Bangladesh. The Baagladesh Institute of Development Studies, the leading and most experienced poverty focussed research institution in Bangladesh, is also a member of the research team. Finally the International NGO Training and Research Centre INTRAC) offers the research team considerable experience of capacity development and NGO engagment.

The team will work within proposed WOTRO guidelines and methods, supplemented with innovative M&E approaches to address the research questions. The evaluation covers three Components:
" Achievement of the MDGs and themes (Component 1) to be addressed using project reviews and surveys of samples of beneficiaries against selected higher level common indicators aggregated across the four projects.
" Capacity development (Component 2) to be addressed using the ecdpm capability framework methodology, using an appreciative enquiry approach with the pre-selected organisations to explore where they are with the 5c?s.
" Civil society strengthening (Component 3) to be addressed using the 5 dimensions of the Civil Society Index to explore the internal dynamics of organisations and their contribution to the wider strengthening of civil society.

The evaluation will follow a rigourous and participatory methodologh, combining quantitatve and qualitative insights, which will identify and examine key indicators as well as processes of change.


Project number

W 07.72.106

Main applicant

Dr. J. Devine

Affiliated with

University of Bath, Department of Social and Policy Sciences

Team members

Dr. J. Devine, A. Garbutt, Dr. B. Pratt, N. Simister, G. Wood, Dr. A. Zulfigar, Dr. A. Zulfigar


01/05/2012 to 12/11/2015