Transnational infrastructures and the Rise of Contemporary Europe


The construction of the European Union represents the most profound development in European politics and society. While there are several histories of Europe, they do not incorporate the pivotal role of transnational infrastructures, while their construction and use have been constitutive for where the flow of people, information, energy, goods and services could go and not go. Major new infrastructures were developed already deep in the nineteenth century, such as railroads and telegraph, shaping Europe long before there was an explicit process of creating Europe. In this proposal they are considered sites from which major interventions in the construction of Europe occured. This perspective is original and opens up a entirely new set of questions about one of the most pressing issues facing historians, policy-makers, governments, and citizens alike. Transnational infrastructure development as such is neglected in the literature, which is pervaded by a bias towards single nation-states, and single infrastructures.
The research consists of seven projects: four Ph.D projects looking at nine case-studies, including a number of initiatives by international railroad and road associations and conferences, the development of a Trans-Europe-Express and an European highway system, the battle over radiofrequencies and the construction of networks for war and propanda by the Soviet Union, Nazi-Germany and the United States, and a number of regional and European electricity networks. In addition three coss-cutting post-docs projects and a synthetic project are proposed. The two-cross-cutting post-docs project will focus on mapping the totality of transnational infrastructure and its developments over the last 150 years, an analysis of users and usages of these infrastructures and a cultural analysis of how the European identity of transnational infrastructures is made tangible and comprehensible for a larger public. The synthesis will provide an overall account of the developments, resulting in an edited volume for a academic audience, a report for a policy audience, and finally a book for a larger audience.


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Prof. dr. J.W. Schot

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University of Sussex, Science and Technology Policy Research - SPRU, Mantell Building

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Dr. E. Anastasiadou, Dr. A.W. Badenoch, S. Ciobica MA, Dr. V.C. Lagendijk, Dr. S.B. Lommers, Dr. F. Schipper, Prof. dr. J.W. Schot, Dr. ir. E.B.A. van der Vleuten


01/01/2003 to 05/01/2010