GAs Leaks from Space (GALES)


The reduction of CH4 emissions as a short-term solution for mitigating climate change has been recognized internationally by policy makers (COP21). In particular reducing emissions from the fossil fuel (oil, gas, coal) industry has been identified as an interesting target as it is a potential win-win situation as CH4 leaks are an economic loss to industry. Worldwide accurate information on CH4 emissions is thus urgently needed for both industry and policy makers. In this project we will use the CH4 measurements of a highly innovative new satellite instrument TROPOMI, which has unprecedented spatial resolution and sensitivity combined with daily global coverage. This makes the instrument ideally suited for the worldwide detection of localized CH4 point sources. It is expected that the research will reveal previously unidentified localized CH4 emissions from various origins incl. oil and gas, and provide more accurate emission estimates for so far (un)known sources.


Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. E.A.A. Aben

Affiliated with

NWO-institutenorganisatie, SRON - Netherlands Institute for Space Research

Team members

Dr. S. Pandey, Dr. S. Pandey, Dr. P. Sadavarte


01/05/2018 to 31/05/2021