Re-incorporating the excluded: providing space for small-scale fishers in the sustainable development of fisheries of South Africa and South Asia


The objective of the project is to contribute to, review and assess the development of fisheries governance frameworks and institutional arrangements in South Africa and South Asia for the resolution of core fishery conflicts. A key focus will be on facilitating processes to reincorporate the excluded. Through research and capacity development, the project will promote responsible fisheries governance that takes into consideration the principles of environmental sustainability, social justice and human wellbeing. The fishery conflicts under consideration have a bearing on the process of national reconciliation as it is taking place in both countries, and their resolution is critical to facilitate socio-economic development and poverty reduction. In South Africa the project focuses on monitoring and assessing progress with regard to the development and implementation of a new fisheries policy that takes better account of small scale fisher rights and needs. In South Asia the project facilitates the development and implementation of a new framework for the regulation of fisheries in a marine border area between India and Sri Lanka. Mutual learning through collaborative research and capacity development are essential elements of the project. To support this policy process, the project identifies key knowledge gaps. It contributes data and analysis on the nature of the conflict in both regions, on social-economic change in the small-scale fisheries sector, and on the impacts of fisheries governance and conflict on fisher wellbeing.


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Project number

W 07.68.302.00

Main applicant

Dr. J.M. Bavinck

Affiliated with

Universiteit van Amsterdam, Faculteit der Maatschappij- en Gedragswetenschappen, Room B4.05

Team members

Dr. O. Amarasinghe, NWO Anbazzaghan, Mr. U. Arulanandam, Dr. J.M. Bavinck, S. Coulthard, J. Dasan, Drs. F. van Drumpt, J.B. van Drumpt, Mr. M. Gqamlana, K. Herman, Dr. N. Jaffer, A. Jesuthasan, D. Koralagama, T.P. Kumara, R. Manimohan, P. Mbatha MSc, A. Menon, J. Nielen, Dr. S. Raemakers, J. Scholtens MSc, O. Schultz, A.S. Sosai, Prof. M. Sowman, Dr. J.R. Stephen, S. Sukumaran, J. Sunde, V. Vivekandandan MBA, S. Williams


01/12/2010 to 01/04/2016