Living in the Past. Reconstructing Etruscan Houses in Acquarossa


Digital techniques and cultural heritage connect, in an innovative way, new and old within the Humanities. In the proposed project Etruscan domestic life will be recreated and integrated in the Archaeological park of Acquarossa (Italy), in such a way that both international scholars and tourists-visitors will acknowledge virtual reconstructions of Etruscan houses within their successive phases of creation, construction, function, and destruction. This project focuses on the scientifically justified reconstruction of ancient domestic architecture, which was never done before with digital technology as a research tool. In collaboration with the 4D Research Lab of the University of Amsterdam an interdisciplinary research project has been initiated with private partner Agriturismo Azienda Raffaele Rocchi, which focuses on the reconstruction of a set of houses in 3D models and 3D scans of roof elements. The KIEM project focuses on the delivery of these models by private professionals, based on thorough architectural research in collaboration with the main applicant, as well as the construction of one selected house (Zona B, House B) in real time, with the collaboration of the private owner of the site and a professional architect. The replica house will serve as a pilot study for the future construction and exploitation of Etruscan holiday homes for tourism. Dissemination of the results will be shown in the context of a platform and presentation organized in collaboration with the University Museum Allard Pierson Amsterdam and exchanged with the local Museum in Viterbo through applications and interactive visualizations.


Project number


Main applicant

Dr. P.S. Lulof

Affiliated with

Universiteit van Amsterdam, Faculteit der Geesteswetenschappen, Amsterdam School for Heritage and Memory Studies (ASHMS)


01/10/2017 to 31/07/2018