Vertical collaborations in the pursuit of larger and more diverse audiences in the performing arts


The performing arts sector in the Netherlands is experiencing an increased pressure in the recent years.
Governmental support through subsidies has declined, visitors’ demographics and preferences are
shifting, and technological change has affected cultural consumption. In an attempt to address these
difficulties and improve their audience outreach, producers and distributors from the sector are forming
collaborative relationships. This project will focus on the functioning of collaborations between
performance arts venues and producers in their pursuit of larger and more diverse audiences. The study
will seek to provide a systematic overview of the forms, motivations and individual experiences of
participants in such collaborations. The central research question is: which collaborative arrangements,
processes and partner characteristics contribute to the quality of the relationship between performing
arts venues and producers? This is a joint project together with the VSCD and the NAPK, the two major
industry associations of the sector. The VSCD represents the performing arts venues: theatres and
concert halls. The NAPK is the association of professional performing arts producers. The members of
both associations receive a significant share of their income through state subsidies. Given that the
government is discussing reforms in the system of financing of cultural institutions, this research is
providing timely insight in the workings of interrelationships in the sector. Academically, the research can
contribute with unique insights to the literature on the management of interorganizational relationships.


Project number


Main applicant

Dr. A.S. Alexiev

Affiliated with

Universiteit van Amsterdam, Faculteit Economie en Bedrijfskunde, Amsterdam Business School


15/10/2017 to 15/11/2018