Organic Chemistry in Living Cells: Profiling of Functional Biomolecules


I propose the development of novel chemistry-based functional proteomics and metabolomics methodologies and their implementation in the areas of immunology (with the emphasis on antigen processing and presentation) and glycobiology (with the emphasis on glycolipid processing and metabolism). Key to the proposal is the design of molecular probes that will modify subsets of biomolecules and that will enable enrichment, purification and identification of the modified biomolecules from complex biological material. Ideally, application of the probes should be possible within the context of living cells. In the context of antigen presentation, probes that will report on protease activities involved in the generation of antigenic peptides from MHC class I- and II pathways will be evaluated. At the same time, synthetic antigenic peptides and proteins, equipped with a latent ligation handle, will be administered to various antigen presenting cells, including dendritic cell types and macrophages. With these tools, proteolytic activities can be directly correlated to the efficiency and mechanism of antigen trafficking, processing and presentation.



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Main applicant

Prof. dr. H.S. Overkleeft

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Universiteit Leiden, Faculteit der Wiskunde en Natuurwetenschappen, Leiden Institute of Chemistry

Team members

Mw. V.D. Bock, Dr. B. Florea, Dr. P.P. Geurink MSc, Dr. T. Hofmann-Seitz, Dhr. W.F.J. Hogendorf MSc, Dr. W.A. van der Linden


01/07/2004 to 17/12/2012