Inclusive and climate smart business models in Ethiopian and Kenyan dairy value chains.


The research is connected to the CCAFS project “Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions” (NAMA) for Dairy Development in Kenya. NAMA supports stakeholders in Kenya to design/pilot activities to reduce GHG emissions from dairy production. Despite the many initiatives in the dairy sector, scaling up of good practices is lagging behind. This research aims to describe business models of chain actors and supporters to identify opportunities for scaling up good climate smart practices. Six dairy value chain case studies will be purposely selected, three in Kenya and three in Ethiopia, with varying degrees of market-orientation. Three PhD students will be lead investigator, each in two selected chains. Relevant chain stakeholders (actors, supporters, influencers) will be actively involved in the design, data collection and sharing of research output, particularly those with influence to scale up.


Project number

W 08.260.308

Main applicant

Dr. R.M.T. Baars

Affiliated with

Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences

Team members

S.M. van Dijk MSc, Prof. dr. ir. H.P.A. Eweg, E.M. Fatula MSc, W. Goris, Dr. Y.Y. Hassan, M. Munjua, MK Musikoyo MSc, C.O. Odhong, F.O. Oduor MSc, Prof. dr. H.C. Peterson, M. Ritmeester MA, Prof. dr. T. Tolemariam Ejeta, C.M. Verschuur, Prof. dr. F.W. Wambalaba, Dr. A.M.B. Westendorp, A.J. Wilkes


31/12/2017 to 30/04/2020