Value creation in creative urban spaces: fostering synergies between creative entrepreneurship and tourism


The lack of interaction between creative entrepreneurs and tourism in creative clusters leads to a loss of business opportunities. This project will explore ways to stimulate the (co)creation of new business opportunities between creative entrepreneurs and tourists. These opportunities can contribute to empower entrepreneurs and counterbalance the negative effects of (“over”)tourism. Value creation between creative entrepreneurs and tourists is chronically under-researched, although cities buckle under the pressure of increased tourism. Creative entrepreneurs represent 10% of Dutch companies, with significant recent growth (2,3%). Simultaneously, tourism increased 9% (2017) and 6% (2018) . Joining creative entrepreneurship and tourism opens new avenues for sustainable development in cities with a dynamic creative atmosphere. A comparative case study of Amsterdam Noord and Katendrecht (Rotterdam) – creative clusters in main cities attractive to tourists – will be made, using a mixed qualitative methodology informed by design thinking, combining observation and interviews. This project will result in: 1) identification of opportunities for (co)creation of sustainable tourism-related products; 2) identification of areas for strategic development of creative entrepreneurship within tourism; 3) a set of guidelines for policy-making by local governments.
Research questions:
RQ1. To what extent are creative entrepreneurs embedding tourism in their business models? (Value Creation Roadmap)
RQ2. How are creative urban spaces experienced and (co-)created by creative entrepreneurs and tourists? (Human Touch Roadmap)
RQ3. Which innovative strategies can be developed to optimise value creation among creative entrepreneurs and tourism in a more sustainable manner contributing to a more liveable city? (Design for Change Roadmap)


Project number


Main applicant

L. Carvalho Marques

Affiliated with

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication ESHCC, Kunst- en Cultuurwetenschappen


21/10/2019 to 20/10/2020