Citizen’s Science approach to climate smart and nutrition sensitive seed value chains for food and nutrition security in Uganda and Ethiopia

Citizen’s Science for climate smart nutritious varieties

Traditionally new varieties of crops are being tested by agricultural scientists, with farmers, in controlled trials. In ‘citizen science’ samples of candidate varieties are send to a large group of farmers. They test the candidate varieties and provide simple feedback on its performance. This project will bring ‘citizen science’ into use in variety testing and registration in Ethiopia and Uganda. Focus will be on selection of varieties with high nutritional value adapted to climate stress.

Image: via Flickr (by: World Bank)

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Project leader: Peter Gildemacher (KIT)

Consortium partners: John Wasswa Mulumba (National Agricultural Research organization, Plant Genetic Resources Centre), Josephine Akia (Participatory Ecological Land Use Management (PELUM)), Carlo Fadda (Bioversity International), Dejene Kassahun Mengistu (Mekelle University), Silvia Sarapura (KIT), Froukje Kruijssen (KIT), Gloria Otieno (Bioversity International),


This project aims to out-scale citizen’s science approaches in testing genetic resources from national gene bank and international collections, for climate change adaptation, and nutrition suitability among communities in Uganda and Ethiopia. A citizen’s science approach engages citizens in the collection and analysis of data. The project will build on existing projects that are already utilizing these and other participatory methodologies to identify, test, select and disseminate climate smart varieties of selected crops from national gene banks and international collections to cater for farmers’ needs and their specific geographical locations, climate related challenges, and nutrition needs. The project aims to build capacity in national plant genetic resources systems and enhance collaborative partnerships and private sector engagement in the dissemination of climate smart nutritionally dense varieties.


Project number

W 08.260.307

Main applicant

Dr. P. Gildemacher

Affiliated with

Koninklijk Instituut voor de Tropen

Team members

J Akia MSc, Dr. C. Fadda, Dr. D. Kassahun Mengistu, Dr. F. Kruijssen, J. Nurhisen Mohammed MSc, Dr. G. Otieno, Dr. S. Sarapura Escobar, Dr. J. Wasswa Mulumba


01/01/2018 to 30/09/2020

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