Multiple pathways and inclusive low emission development: navigating towards leverage points in the East-African dairy sector

Inclusive Low-Emission Development (i-LED): East African dairy

Seafood is vital to the health and food security of millions of poor consumers in rapidly expanding city regions in the global south. This project aims to understand how low-price fish chains contribute to urban food security in India and Ghana and to identify policy and business interventions that have potential to improve them.

Image: ILRI (by: Felix Clay)

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Project leader: Sietze Renze Vellema (Wageningen University & Research)

Consortium partners: Todd Crane (International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI)), George Schoneveld (Center for International Forestry


This research identifies and analyses institutional conditions for scaling low-emission development dairy interventions in an inclusive manner. The formulation and implementation of inclusive low-emission intervention strategies is complicated by asymmetric power relations between actors, conflicting interests, misalignment of incentive structures, discrepancies between short-term achievements and long-term strategies, and disconnected formal and informal sectors. Moreover, the urgency to respond to climate change may induce a search for simple and transferable solutions with high emission reduction potential. This may hinder investment in the development of context-sensitive strategies that simultaneously maximize societal co-benefits. By systematically valorising multiple pathways and capturing diverse priorities, interests and management styles, this project adopts a socially responsive approach to scenario development. Facilitating interactions among representatives from private and public sectors in research-driven dialogues stimulates and catalyses intervention strategies that can be inclusive of a wider range of actors and therefore enhance the scalability potential of low-emission intervention strategies.


Project number

W 08.260.306

Main applicant

Dr. ir. S.R. Vellema

Affiliated with

Wageningen University & Research, Institute for Agro-Technological Research (ATO)

Team members

Dr. T.A. Crane, E.M. Kihoro PhD, Dr. G.C. Schoneveld, V.D.M. Vernooij PhD


31/12/2017 to 30/09/2020

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