CSA/SuPER - Upscaling CSA with small-scale food producers organised via VSLAs: Financing for adoption, behavioural change and resilience in rural Iringa Region, Tanzania


This project will provide practical and conceptual insight in the appropriate combinations of business training (through Farmer Field & Business Schools - FFBS) and financial services (through Village Savings & Loans Associations ā€“ VSLA) that support community-based adaptation (CBA) action plans for dovetailing empowerment and upscaling/graduation towards climate change mitigation with social and gender inclusiveness. Combining action research and lab-in-the-field experiments we develop and test rigorous models and tools for interactive learning and validation towards integrated impact assessment that generate better insights into operational pathways towards CSA scaling while considering simultaneous changes in (intra)household behaviour, production systems and value chain interactions. This multi-level approach towards scaling partnerships enables public and private agents to engage into mutually beneficial sustainable, profitable, equitable and resilient (SuPER) strategies and arrangements that support female farmersā€™ engagement into nitrogen recycling practices, nutrition-sensitive value chains, improved dietary diversity and effective risk sharing and portfolio management.


Project number

W 08.260.311

Main applicant

Prof. dr. R. Ruben

Affiliated with

Wageningen University & Research, Wageningen Economic Research


01/10/2017 to 31/03/2020