Probing the inside of a living cell with an optically trapped gold nanorod


Nanoscale structural and mechanical heterogeneity inside living cells is difficult to access because of the scarcity of experimental tools with sufficient resolution and sensitivity. Optical and magnetic tweezers can be used to actively probe the mechanical and physical
properties of cell contents. However, dielectric and magnetic particles are not easily trapped for sizes less than 0.5 ┬Ám, which is considerably larger than the size regime required to probe subcellular structures. Because of their much larger polarizability, gold nanorods can be trapped down to sizes of ~10 nm. We propose to use a single gold nanorod held with optical tweezers to probe the inside of a single living cell on length-scales far below the diffraction limit of light. We will use active and passive nanorheology to measure the mechanical properties of the nanorod?s environment. Furthermore, the nanorod can be addressed optically for heating or spectral probing, thereby providing
information about variations in their local environment. Because these parameters are measured with one and the same particle, we can correlate mechanical properties and cellular structure/composition on nanometer length scales, which was not possible
before. Knowledge about nanoscale mechanical and physical properties inside cells and subcellular components is expected to lead to a better understanding of the cell?s health and functions.


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Project number


Main applicant

Dr. P. Zijlstra

Affiliated with

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Faculteit Technische Natuurkunde, Molecular Biosensors for Medical Diagnostics (MBx)

Team members

Dr. P. Zijlstra


19/05/2010 to 22/11/2013