The Noun Phrase: Diversity in Dutch Design and the Design of Diversity


The overall aim of this research program is to contribute to our understanding of the phenomenon of grammatical (more in particular, syntactic) diversity and the way it is encoded, its design, in human language. This will be done by taking a micro-comparative approach towards linguistic variation in the nominal system. This means that linguistic variation will be studied from a “single-language” perspective, i.c. Dutch. The approach towards linguistic diversity taken in this study can thus be characterized as Comparative Dutch Linguistics. The linguistic data that will constitute the empirical comparative basis for this study will come from contemporary-dialectal and older variants of Dutch. An advantage of this research line is that, given the global similarity of the Dutch grammatical systems compared, we can more easily identify the finely-grained grammatical differences that exist between languages and the correlations that exist between varying grammatical properties. This way, we will get a richer and more precise understanding of the notion of linguistic diversity (i.e. parametrization).


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Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. N.F.M. Corver

Affiliated with

Universiteit Utrecht, Faculteit Geesteswetenschappen, Letteren

Team members

Dr. J.M. van Koppen, Dr. H. Kranendonk, Drs. M. Rigterink, ZZZ ZZ stud.ass. GW


01/01/2005 to 28/12/2010