Hydrodynamics of fluidized non-spherical particles


(note: this is a continuation request for project SH-351-15)

The project is funded by the "European Research Council" for detailed investigation of non-spherical particles fluidization. The objective is to pioneer a novel multiscale simulation methodology for dense gas-solid flows of inelastic non-spherical particles, based on systematic coarse-graining of interactions from small to larger scales, backed up by validating in-house experiments. As a first step, fully resolved direct numerical simulations (DNS) are to be performed to obtain the drag closures of suspensions containing elongated axisymmetric particles. Such particles are relatively simple, yet many of the fundamental problems linked to anisotropic drag and collisions already appear. The drag closures would later be used to perform discrete particle model simulations, which are in-turn validated with experiments.

In the scope of requested compute time, we would perform detailed DNS of particle suspensions considering anisotropic gas-solid drag and effects of particles' mutual alignment. The work will not only advance our scientific understanding of fluidized flow of elongated particles, but also be relevant to industrially important processes such as biomass-based fuel synthesis.


Project number


Main applicant

Dr. ir. J.T. Padding

Affiliated with

Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, Faculteit Scheikundige Technologie, Multiphase Reactors Group (SMM/SPI)


28/09/2017 to 10/09/2017