Shrinkage and creep behavior of geopolymer concrete - From laboratory to construction


The sustainability of infrastructure becomes an increasingly important issue in engineering practice. This means that in the future construction materials will be selected on the basis of their contribution to fulfill sustainability requirements. In this respect the development of more sustainable concrete mixtures can make a big difference. Geopolymers are materials based on industrial waste residuals. Therefore, with the development of the geopolymer concrete technology it is possible to reduce the volume of waste and to produce concrete in an environmental-friendly way. This brings the building industry a step ahead in tailoring more sustainable materials that are produced with less carbon dioxide. However, experience with applications of these innovative materials is lacking: For a broad industrial utilization of geopolymer concrete, challenges still exist with regard to technological and engineering aspects. According to the High-Tech Materials 2016, the next generation engineering materials must provide load bearing capacity and dimensional stability. This means that fundamental research has to be carried out on the development of stresses and the control of the final geometry before they can be applied in practice. Several researchers have shown that geopolymer concrete has comparable or even superior mechanical properties when compared with Ordinary Portland Cement concrete (OPC concrete). However, the dimensional stability of geopolymer concrete related to shrinkage and creep has not been studied in sufficient detail to understand its behavior. The lack of this knowledge hampers the application of geopolymer concrete in construction practice.

The main aims of this project are to investigate the creep and shrinkage behavior of geopolymer concrete, to develop models for the prediction of shrinkage-induced cracking and creep and to remove barriers for their application in the building environment. To reach these goals, experimental studies on the creep and shrinkage behavior as well as the governing mechanisms of geopolymer concrete under different boundary conditions will be carried out. With comprehensive information and understanding, models will be developed that adequately predict the shrinkage and creep behavior of geopolymer concrete. Based on the research findings recommendations for engineers will be established that transfer geopolymer concrete from the laboratory to a widely applied construction material.


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Main applicant

Dr. G. Ye

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Technische Universiteit Delft, Faculteit Civiele Techniek en Geowetenschappen, Afdeling Bouw & Infra

Team members

Ir. A. Kostiuchenko


20/03/2018 to 30/04/2021