Systemic approach to overcoming constraints of production and marketing of indigenous vegetables in Western Kenya

Indigenous African vegetable systems for better livelihoods in Kenya

Indigenous vegetables have unique production and nutritional characteristics that can solve a myriad of problems in sub-Saharan Africa. This project seeks to establish a robust Indigenous Vegetables value chain and incentive system that responds to the smallholder farmer conditions to increase production and access to the local, national and international markets.

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Project leader: Margaret Komen (Mace Foods)

Consortium partners: Anderson Kipkoech (Agricultural Economist), Paul Nampala (The Regional Universities Forum for Capacity Building in Agriculture (RUFORUM))



This project seeks to increase market access of the Africa indigenous vegetable (AIV), namely, black night shade, spider plant and pepper, jute and Ameranthus the local, national and international markets through improving their yield and quality and by establishing a robust AIV marketing and marketing incentive system that responds to the smallholder farmer conditions. The project is a collaboration between Mace Foods ? that will establish linkages with farmers associations (FAs) for production and value addition, the University of Eldoret and Regional Universities Forum (RUFORUM). The project will develop organic based soil fertility ameloriation strategies for improved production of AIVs. New cultivars of AIV that are adapted to the environmental conditions of Western Kenya will also be assessed and promoted. The Project will develop strategies that picks the products from the farm gate through the vegetable value chains for improved incomes for farmers and private sector AIV marketing institutions.


Publical information

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Project number

W 08.270.204

Main applicant

M.J. Komen

Affiliated with

Mace Foods

Team members

K. Kipkoech, M.J. Komen, Dr. P. Nampala, Prof. dr. J.O. Ochuodho, Prof. R. Okalebo, R. Okoth, Dr. A. Otinga


01/08/2014 to 31/07/2017

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