Morphophonological adaption in spoken Dutch: An examplar-based approach


The central hypothesis of this research project is that morphophonological
adjustment processes manifest themselves
especially and more pervasively in higher-frequency words.
The three sub-projects investigate three different aspects
of the role of frequency. Surveys of the corpus of spoken
Dutch are combined with psycholinguistic experimentation
with the aim of clarifying the role of absolute and
relative frequency, the role of exemplars in lexical memory,
and the role of speaker-specific variation in language experience.



  • M. Pluymaekers(2007): Affix reduction in spoken Dutch  June 7, 2007


Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. R.H. Baayen

Affiliated with

University of Alberta, Department of Linguistics

Team members

Prof. dr. R.H. Baayen, Prof. dr. M.T.C. Ernestus, Dr. M. Pluymaekers, ZZZ ZZ stud.ass. GW


01/10/2003 to 28/10/2008