Liquidity risk and derivative markets: Lessons from the crisis and insights for the future


The ongoing credit crisis has clearly shown how the lack of liquidity in financial markets can have a dramatic impact on market prices and amplify the severity of a crisis. At the core of the crisis are financial derivative products traded in the over-the-counter market (such as mortgage-backed securities). The fast development of this market has created a situation where regulators, financial institutions and scientists do not fully understand several key aspects of these markets and products. In particular, little is know about the interaction between liquidity risk and derivative prices. This project aims to provide a deep understanding of how liquidity risk impacts financial decision making and prices in financial markets, with a particular focus on derivative markets.

The proposal consists of four subprojects. In the first project I develop empirical methods to measure liquidity risk in derivative markets, where the challenge is to deal in an optimal way with the irregular and heterogeneous nature of the data. Second, I study how the presence of liquidity risk in derivative markets affects the optimal portfolio choice of investors such as pension funds, banks, and hedge funds, incorporating that some investors are subject to regulatory constraints. Third, I develop a general equilibrium framework to understand the effect of liquidity risk on derivative prices. Finally, I empirically test the equilibrium implications of liquidity risk on the prices of derivatives.

The results of this project have important implications for how central banks, governments and other regulators should deal with liquidity risk and derivatives when setting regulatory restrictions for financial institutions. Current regulation does not incorporate liquidity and liquidity risk. Financial institutions can also directly use the insights from this research project to better deal with liquidity risk in their pricing of derivatives and financial risk management.



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Professional publication

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Publication meant for a broad audience

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Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. J.J.A.G. Driessen

Affiliated with

Tilburg University, Tilburg School of Economics and Management (TiSEM), Finance

Team members

Prof. dr. J.J.A.G. Driessen, P. Tuijp MSc, R. Xing


01/06/2010 to 25/11/2015