University-based Community Action Research for Increasing viability of cereal-legume value chains towards improved nutrition and livelihoods in sub-Sahara Africa

Applicant from the Netherlands: Helena Posthumus (Royal Tropical Institute (KIT))


We propose a project that links smallholders and rural entrepreneurs directly with universities in platforms for action to share currently available technologies, adapt them to local conditions and encourage new research for key constraints. It will build on 2 established community action research platforms (CARPS) at two universities (University of Eldoret, Kenya and Makerere University, Uganda) to address constraints in improving productivity and consumption of under-researched cereals and legumes in Kenya and Uganda to increase food and security nutrition. These crops are widely grown in the focus countries and are especially important for food security in smallholder agricultural communities. The CARPs will be instrumental in developing, adapting and scaling up innovations that improve efficient nutrient use, increase crop yields, improve post-harvest handling and develop nutritious food products that will increase demand and link the farmers in the value chains to increase the economic, environmental and social viability of these commodities. The project will help to reduce hunger and malnutrition, increase rural incomes and support commodities that contribute towards achieving the SDGs and responds to CAADP and national policy targets for stronger agricultural growth. We will use the University’s outreach centers to drive community action research in accordance with the communities needs along the cereal-legume value chains. Research into increasing production, reducing post-harvest losses and increasing nutrient use efficiency in millet, sorghum, groundnuts and soybeans will be carried out in collaboration with the farming communities. Using the two universities outreach centers as platforms, we will strengthen the relationship with the farming communities.


Project number

W 09.03.105

Team members

R Mur MSc, Dr. J. Newton, Dr. A. Otinga, N. Verhart

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