Motivational information in group learning


More and more evidence is found that educational innovations fail because students? motivation is not as expected. The motivation/self-regulation models from Boekaerts (2005) and Ryan & Deci (2000) provide strategies to optimize this motivational orientation. A relatively new approach aims at influencing motivational beliefs and perceptions that students hold about instrumentality and group context of their education. This will be done by giving these students motivational information. In a series of experiments in a Dutch vocational training context, it will be attempted to influence students? motivational orientation and as such their actual study behavior in group work.



Scientific article

  • k smit, c.j. de brabander, R. L. Martens(2014): Student-centred and teacher-centred learning environment in pre-vocational secondary education: Psychological needs, and motivation Scandinavian Journal of Educational Research pp. 695 - 712

Publications for the general public

  • K. Smit(2009): student's goal preferences and motivation in the classroom
  • K. Smit(2010): Students? goal preferences and motivation in the classroom
  • K. Smit(2010): New and traditional learning environments in prevocational secondary education. Poster presented at SDT conference.
  • K. Smit(2010): students' goals preferences and motivation in the classroom


Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. R.L. Martens

Affiliated with

Expertisecentrum Beroepsonderwijs (ECBO)

Team members

Drs. K. Smit


01/02/2008 to 04/07/2016