One-step Synthesis of Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide Stabilized Spherical Gold Nanoparticles


We describe the synthesis of CTAB stabilized spherical Au nanoparticles of various sizes in a
novel one-step synthesis protocol. We show that, in the conventional cetyltrimethylammonium
bromide (CTAB) assisted, seed-mediated method of Au nanoparticle growth, when AgNO3 is
added after the addition of ascorbic acid in growth solution, it induces nucleation, leading to the
growth of spherical Au nanoparticles before the addition of seed particles. This has enabled us to
synthesize CTAB coated spherical Au nanoparticles in a single step. The nanoparticle size is
strongly influenced by the CTAB to Ag molar ratio in the reaction medium. By tuning the CTAB
to Ag molar ratio the sizes of the nanoparticles can be tuned from 8 nm to 64 nm.


Project number


Main applicant

Prof. dr. J.M. van Ruitenbeek

Affiliated with

Kamerling Onnes laboratorium


07/04/2016 to 08/04/2016