Translating evidence into better sexual and reproductive health: how can we assess, improve and institutionalize research use?


Despite the development of promising methods, strategies and infrastructures, the translation of evidence about sexual and reproductive health (SRH) into policies and practices and ultimately better health, remains a challenge. We aim to deliver a comprehensive evidence synthesis and translation research program through a unique consortium of key research units and networks in the eastern-Mediterranean, West and Central Africa, the Erasmus University of Rotterdam and the global network of Cochrane, with expertise in systematic reviews, knowledge translation and SRH.
We hypothesize that demand-driven evidence syntheses that are contextualized in deliberative dialogues and supported by locally specific translation-into-action strategies will improve both policies and service delivery in key areas of sexual and reproductive health.
Our research will build upon existing insights and experience in research translation, further develop promising methods, introduce and apply these methods in new contexts, study their performance and make them available for application elsewhere.
The 6 work packages will include, 1) producing a systematic review about implementing and institutionalizing strategies for translating evidence into action, 2) mapping knowledge platforms and setting local priorities for SRH evidence synthesis in Cameroon, Nigeria and Jordan, 3) producing a Cochrane systematic review addressing an identified SRH evidence synthesis priority, 4) organizing local deliberative dialogues with policy makers, researchers and stakeholders to contextualize the results of the systematic review, 5) further developing, transferring and testing the Contribution Mapping method for assessing research uptake, 6) documenting the evidence-into-action efforts and processes and the uptake of the results. Throughout the program, we will closely collaborate with several international networks, such as Share-Net, Cochrane and the West-African Health Organization, who will help to disseminate the results and the developed methods/tools both in the Netherlands and internationally.


Project number

W 08.117.103

Main applicant

Prof. dr. R.A. Bal

Affiliated with

Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, Erasmus School of Health Policy & Management ( ESHPM )

Team members

Prof. dr. R.A. Bal, Dr. E. Esu, M. Kok, Dr. M. Nsangou


01/09/2017 to 31/10/2019