Women In Science Excel (WISE)

Women In Science Excel (WISE)

The Women In Science Excel (WISE) programme provides talented female scientists with an opportunity to develop or expand their own research group at one of NWO's institutes. NWO believes in providing opportunities for all talented researchers to excel. As such, NWO is committed to improving the gender balance among its research staff. WISE contributes directly to attracting top female researchers and promoting their advancement.

What to apply for

WISE will provide 20 tenure track positions at NWO research institutes in the years 2016-2020. A round will be held every year during which a number of fellows will be recruited. With a focus on support and guidance, the WISE programme will provide talented researchers with an excellent career path towards possible tenure.

The WISE programme offers fellows:

  • The unique opportunity to expand or develop their own research programme at one of the NWO institutes
  • The perspective of a full staff position at the institute within five years
  • A generous start-up package

Who can apply

The tenure track positions target young female researchers who have obtained their PhD at least three years ago. They will have to submit a research proposal and indicate at which NWO institute they would like to work. Successful candidates will be offered a tenure track position (five years) at the institute of their choice. Following a successful tenure track, fellows will receive a tenured position at the institute. There are also opportunities for more senior female researchers, who qualify more quickly for tenured positions.

The NWO research institutes participating in the second round are: AMOLF, ARCNL, NIOZ and SRON. Details concerning each institute’s research topics and strategy:

  • ASTRON (not participating in round 2017)
  • CWI (not participating in round 2017)
  • DIFFER (not participating in round 2017)
  • Nikhef (not participating in round 2017)
  • NIOZ
  • NSCR (not participating in round 2017)
  • SRON

When to apply

The deadline for applications is Wednesday 30 August 2017 14:00 CEST.

How to apply

Vacancy round 2017 open

Applicants should submit:

  1. a full curriculum vitae including a complete list of publications
  2. a letter of motivation, including which of the participating NWO research institutes you want to apply for
  3. a 3-5 page research plan, including a statement of research accomplishments and future research goals, possible collaborations within the institute or outside the institute, and how this research dovetails with the institute’s strategy
  4. a list of 3-5 selected ‘best papers’ (preferably including copies) and
  5. three referee letters

The application files should be sent electronically in PDF format to wise-applications@nwo.nl. Applications with incomplete credentials will not be taken into consideration. You may apply for this position until 30 August 2017 14:00 CEST.

Assessment procedure

The assessment consists of two phases:

Phase 1: Assessment by the institute of choice

The institute invites the best candidates for an interview and talk. A committee, comparable to an appointment committee, puts together a list of priorities and well-founded recommendations for the independent WISE selection committee.

Phase 2: Assessment by the WISE selection committee

The two best candidates of each institute are invited for an interview by the WISE selection committee. The WISE committee selects which candidates should receive a WISE tenure track based on the candidates’ research proposals, the recommendations and priorities of the institutes in question, and the interview. The Executive Board of NWO decides which institutes will receive the WISE tenure track positions based on the selected candidates and the substantiated advice by the WISE selection committee. The institutes inform the candidates of the decision made by the WISE committee.

Interview dates

First interview with institute of choice: between 2-20 October 2017
Second interview with selection committee: between 27 November and 1 December 2017

More information about the procedure and WISE tenure track policy