Research towards Sustainable Fisheries (RSF)

Research towards Sustainable Fisheries (RSF)

The programme Research towards Sustainable Fisheries (RSF) focuses on making primary fisheries more sustainable by means of innovations with potential applications within the fishing sector.

The fisheries sector faces several major challenges. The ban on pulse fishing, the upcoming Brexit, the construction of large offshore wind parks and the landing obligation have consequences for the work and income of fishermen. In addition, there are challenges related to the ecological and economic viability of the fisheries sector. Technological innovations can help the sector to tackle these challenges.

NWO Domain Applied and Engineering Sciences is realising the RSF programme on behalf of the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality. This programme supports research by knowledge institutions that focuses on groundbreaking innovations that can be used within the fisheries sector in the future. The programme strives to realise collaborations between researchers and the sector to increase the chances of the results being applied.

Two calls for proposals are planned within the RSF programme. The first call for short-term innovation projects of at most two years (RSF-SHIP) was published in November 2019. A second call for proposals for longer-term thematic projects is expected in autumn 2020. Both calls focus on three innovation areas: reducing the footprint of the fisheries sector, selective fishing methods (to prevent unintended bycatch of other species) and alternative fishing methods.


The aim of the RSF programme is to encourage innovation that helps to make the primary fisheries sector more sustainable. The programme focuses on research that can lead to new applications and knowledge acquisition for the (further) development of new technologies, procedures and services within the sector. With a view to innovation, the RSF programme encourages multidisciplinary collaborations between universities, knowledge institutions and businesses and organisations within the fisheries sector. The underlying aim is to realise new collaborations.


The budget for RSF-SHIP is 2.2 million euros.


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