Top Sector Logistics

Top Sector Logistics

There is a strong growth in the transport of goods worldwide. Additionally, clients have high requirements regarding the quality of the transport. For example, the transport must be as sustainable and as fast as possible. Together with industry, institutions and the government, the Top Sector Logistics aims to take the steps needed to sustainably accommodate the expected future growth in the flow of goods.

Together with TNO and Dinalog, NWO is actively involved in the Dinalog Top Consortium for Knowledge and Innovation (TKI). The TKI Dinalog has been set up to boost innovation in the Top Sector Logistics. The objective of TKI Dinalog is to structurally facilitate public-private partnerships in the area of research within the Top Sector Logistics. This concerns both innovation by means of fundamental and applied research as equally the valorisation and dissemination of knowledge, experiences and results.

Through open competitions and in specific programmes, NWO stimulates research that contributes to five of the six roadmaps in the Top Sector Logistics. In five roadmaps, a contribution is requested from fundamental research (Innovatiecontract Het Concert Begint (in Dutch).

The following research programmes and projects from NWO contribute to innovation in the Top Sector Logistics:

Within the NWO theme Connecting Sustainable Cities (VerDuS) research is being carried out that is relevant for the Top Sector Logistics. Further information about the theme and the research is available on the website of VerDuS.

The parties within the TKI Dinalog work in close collaboration with Connekt, which runs the secretariat for the Top Team Logistics.