Spectroscopy & Theory (S&T)

The study group aims to further the collaboration between theoretical chemists and experimentalists in their efforts to understand and ultimately control the structure, interactions and chemistry of molecular systems. The theoretical efforts are mainly – but not exclusively – in the fields of quantum chemistry and molecular dynamics. In general they concern the structure and behaviour of specific (bio) chemical systems, but are also focused on improving theoretical methods and computer codes. An important area of focus is the development of design principles (which can also be applied by experimentalist) on the basis of a sound understanding of the electronic structure of molecular systems.

In regards to experimental work, the study group is primarily a forum for research directed towards a better understanding of the properties and dynamics of matter interacting with electromagnetic radiation, as well as the development of new techniques. All forms of optical spectroscopy are considered: time-resolved and frequency-resolved; in molecular expansions; gas and condensed phase; from infrared to vacuum UV. Other techniques aimed at solving structural or dynamic problems, such as magnetic resonance, are within the group’s domain as well. The descriptive recording of spectra for analytical purposes, such as, x-ray diffraction and mass spectrometry are not included.


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