Nucleic Acids (NZ)

The study group Nucleic Acids is focusing on research on the nucleic acids DNA and RNA. Nucleic acids are carriers of genetic information, but recently, it was shown that RNA has important regulatory and structural functions. Non-coding RNAs, for example, play an important role in regulation of gene expression, and form the basis for new promising drugs for cancer and other diseases. Gene expression is also influenced by epigenetic changes to DNA and histones and higher-order chromatin structures. In medicine, genome information is playing an increasingly important role in the diagnosis and decisions about treatments.

Focal points in nucleic acids research are:

  • Genome-wide genome, epigenome and transcriptome analysis
  • Mechanistic and functional studies of protein-DNA and protein-RNA interactions
  • Imaging of protein-DNA and protein-RNA interactions
  • Mapping positions of and interactions between chromosomes and studying the function thereof.


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