Lipids & Biomembranes (L&B)

Research of the study group Lipids and Biomembranes is focused on the one hand on the chemistry, physics, and biological applications of lipid molecules, and on the other hand on the biogenesis, organisation, regulation and function of biological membranes.

Lipids form one of the most important family of biomolecules. They represent specific synthetic challenges, self-assemble in water in a subtle manner, and their artificial bilayers form both an important tool for the study of biological membranes, and a modern development of drug delivery techniques. Meanwhile, increased knowledge of the structure and dynamics of biological membranes is required for a better understanding of the fundamental biochemical processes that take place at the membrane. Research in this field critically contributes to studies on emerging diseases that are related to defects in membranes or lipid metabolism such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, Alzheimer, Multiple Sclerosis, and infectious diseases.

Because of the complexity of biological membranes an integrated approach at the interface between chemistry, physics, biomedical sciences, pharmacy, and informatics, is necessary to study them. Major developments are being pursued by the members of this working group in the area of synthesis, drug delivery, biophysics, spectroscopy, lipidomics, biomolecular microscopy, bioinformatics and modelling, lipid-protein interactions, membrane transport, and durable energy.


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