Chemistry & Structure of Materials (CSM)

The study group Chemistry and Structure of Materials focuses, amongst others, on the following research subjects:

  • nanostructured materials
  • thin films
  • materials for Renewable Energy
  • materials with novel electronic propertiesovel
  • growth and morphology
  • three-dimensional atomic and molecular structures

The mentioned research topics of this study group uses the following expertises:

  • materials synthesis, for example, nanostructured materials, surfaces, thin films surfaces, single crystalss
  • characterization of materials properties by means of, for example, advanced microscopes, scattering (neutrons, X-rays and synchrotron), scanning probe techniques
  • diffraction experiments, computer simulation and theoretical calculations, for the study of function and properties of molecules and solids.

Apart from university groups, researchers from industry are also part of the study group. In this way, collaboration between researchers from different backgrounds is encouraged.


A complete list of members of the Study Group  Chemistry and Structure of Materials can be found here

Do you want to become a member of the Study Group Chemistry and Structure of Materials? Please contact the NWO-CW office More information can be found on the membership page.