Study Group Board

The board of a study group has an active role in NWO Chemical Sciences. The tasks of the board are:

  • Serve as members of review committees for TOP / ECHO and Vernieuwingsimpuls subsidy rounds
  • Suggest members for assessment committees that prioritize research proposals
  • Check referent suggestions of applicants, especially in the open competition
  • Involvement in forming new strategy and policy of NWO-CW
  • The organization of the annual CHAINS conference, along with the other Study Groups

Appointing new board members

To be able to fulfill their duties in a suitable manner, Board members of the Study Groups need to be senior researchers that have a broad overview of their science field. Academic Board members should therefore be a professor or associate professor. Also, senior researchers from industry can be Board member.

In general, every year one of the Board members is replaced by a new member. Often a new Board member enters the Board as member first, the next year he/she acts as secretary and finally he/she is appointed as chair of the Board. In this way, sufficient experience with the tasks of the Study Group is present, while also renewal takes place. The term of office for Board members is three to four years, depending on the size of the Board.

The Boards of all Study Groups meet annually at their Study Group meeting. The appointment of new Board members is an annual item on the agenda.

At least a month before the annual meeting, the Board of the Study Group sends the name of the new Board member for approval by NWO-CW. Once approved, the new Board member can be asked whether he/she is willing to join the Study Group board. At the Study Group meeting, the Board indicates who will resign from the Board and who is the intended new Board member. The members present at the meeting then vote in the absence of the nominee. The appointment of the intended new Board member must be approved by a majority of the members present (half the number of people present plus one).