Spinoza Prize

Spinoza Prize

The NWO Spinoza Prize is the highest award in Dutch science. Each year, NWO awards the NWO Spinoza Prizes to three or four researchers working in the Netherlands who according to international standards belong to the absolute top of science. The NWO Spinoza Laureates do outstanding and groundbreaking research, which has a large impact. They are an inspiration for young researchers. The laureates each receive 2.5 million euros to spend on scientific research. The NWO Spinoza Prize is a mark of honour and a stimulus for further research. With this initiative NWO encourages top level research in the Netherlands.

On Friday, 10 June 2016, NWO chairman Jos Engelen announced which researchers are to receive the NWO Spinoza Prize this year. The announcement formed the conclusion of the Bessensap event at the Rode Hoed in Amsterdam.

On 13 September 2016 the ceremonial awarding of the NWO Spinoza Prizes will be held at the Nieuwe Kerk in The Hague. The laureates will then present their research and their plans for spending the prize money.

Spinoza Prize Laureates 2016

Wilhelm Huck

Prof.  W.T.S. (Wilhelm) Huck
Physical-Organic Chemistry, Radboud University

Lodi Nauta

Prof. L.W. (Lodi) Nauta
History of Philosophy, University of Groningen

Mihai Netea

Prof. M.G. (Mihai) Netea
Experimental Medicine, Radboud University/ Radboudumc

Bart van Wees

Prof. B.J. (Bart) van Wees
Applied Physics, University of Groningen

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