Corona: fast-track data

Corona: fast-track data

The corona crisis poses many new questions for society. There is an urgent need for research across the entire spectrum of disciplines, ranging from medical and healthcare research to research in the humanities, behavioural sciences, physical and natural sciences, and engineering. Research that is essential to build a knowledge base for political and general decision-making. The resulting decisions will be crucial for society, both in the short term – to combat the corona crisis – and in the long term – to navigate the post-corona era.

The “Corona: fast-track data” call for proposals focuses on research to be conducted now, i.e. at the height of the corona crisis, and specifically research into issues, other than medical and healthcare issues, that arise in society during the crisis.

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Case Jochen Miereau: Tackling health crises with knowledge from Lifelines

Weekly surveys among 135,000 citizens in the north of the Netherlands make the effects of the coronavirus measures crystal clear. The wealth of data from the Lifelines study, which has been running since 2006, provides health economist Jochen Mierau with many ideas about how to deal with health crises.