The corona crisis poses many new questions for society. There is an urgent need for research across the entire spectrum of disciplines, ranging from medical and healthcare research to research in the humanities, behavioural sciences, physical and natural sciences, and engineering. Research that is essential to build a knowledge base for political and general decision-making. The resulting decisions will be crucial for society, both in the short term – to combat the corona crisis – and in the long term – to navigate the post-corona era.

The Ministry of Education, Culture and Science (OCW) and the Dutch Research Council (NWO) are jointly providing € 15 million (OCW € 2 million, NWO € 13 million) for urgent medical, social and societal research. Various types of research are required in both the short term and the slightly longer term. Potential research topics include the fight against the pandemic, drug development, improvements in current care, population behaviour and behavioural changes in the Netherlands, and their impact on the spread of the virus. Other topics include social and economic consequences and the impact of measures on the well-being of the Dutch population. A broad spectrum of research is possible and necessary in this context, ranging from research relating to the virus itself to research into its spread and effective suppression, as well as research into the effects of social isolation. From the total of € 15 million, NWO is providing € 1.5 million to fund data gathering and analysis.

NWO and the Netherlands Organisation for Health Research and Development (ZonMw) facilitate research funding for researchers who are able to make a meaningful contribution based on their expertise. Besides the possibility of conducting research under their regular funding instruments, NWO and ZonMw make funding available for:

  • Research to provide knowledge that is needed now, at the height of the corona crisis, or research that can only be conducted during the crisis;
  • Research to provide knowledge that is or might become relevant in the course of the pandemic: research that can be conducted in the slightly longer term (and for which NWO will issue a special call at a later date).

The “Corona: fast-track data” call for proposals focuses on research to be conducted now, i.e. at the height of the corona crisis, and specifically research into issues, other than medical and healthcare issues, that arise in society during the crisis.

Many projects are already in progress to gather essential information that can only be collected now. This call is intended to support these existing projects, but grants may also be requested for projects that have yet to begin.

Further information

ZonMw has made funding available for research into creative solutions required for practical technological issues in healthcare, including hospital care. Examples include research into medical devices and solutions that help to deliver the right care and support for vulnerable groups, their carers and health professionals.

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