Responsible Innovation

Responsible Innovation

How do you bring about responsible innovations that enjoy broad societal consensus? How do you make better products and services? To this end, NWO has developed the responsible innovation research programme (NWO-MVI). NWO-MVI research identifies the ethical and societal aspects of technological innovations at an early stage so that these can be taken into account in the design process.

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Privacy, safety, trust, sustainability, autonomy and responsibility are some examples of these aspects. Legal, psychological (behaviour), societal and economic aspects are also part of Responsible Innovation (MVI). This approach results in identifying the ethical and societal aspects of the proposed products and services, insight into the potential questions and objections these may raise, and specific recommendations for the design process. This latter aspect is a spearhead of the MVI approach, which aims at bringing about responsible innovations that enjoy broad societal consensus.

Platform for Responsible Innovation

The importance of the NWO Responsible Innovation programme is widely recognised, thanks to the experience and expertise gained and with the help of the NWO-MVI community. In 2016, the research programme developed into a platform for responsible innovation to provide information, inspiration and contacts for researchers, companies, government bodies and societal organisations.

Responsible Innovation and the Topsectors

The responsible innovation approach has become a tried and tested formula. NWO Responsible Innovation research for innovations within the top sectors that is tackled in a socially responsible manner will not hinder the growth and opportunities in the market but can instead accelerate these. As the ethical and societal aspects have already been taken into account during the design phase, complex and costly adjustments in retrospect can be prevented and opportunities for better products and services arise. The responsible innovation approach therefore offers many opportunities for the top sectors and industry. This is why the Responsible Innovation programme has a prominent position in all of the top sectors.

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