Replication Studies

Replication Studies

With this pilot programme NWO wants to encourage researchers to carry out replication research. NWO also wants to gain experience that can lead to insights into an effective way of including replication research in research programmes and to obtain insight into and a reflection on the requirements that NWO sets for research in terms of methodology and transparency.

Replication lies at the heart of the scientific method and makes it possible to build upon previously demonstrated and confirmed scientific findings.

There are three types of replication research:

1. Reproduction: replication with existing data - repeated analysis of the datasets from the original study.

2. Replication with new data: new data collection with the same research protocol as the original study.

3. Replication with the same research question: new data collection with a different design from the original study in which the research question remains unchanged compared to the original research.

In this pilot programme, only research that falls under the first two categories will be financed.

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