Dutch Research Agenda – Thematic programming - Debt and poverty

Dutch Research Agenda – Thematic programming - Debt and poverty

The economy has improved, but debt and poverty problems in the Netherlands are growing. How can we combat this poverty, reduce the number of people with problematic debts, and help people with debts more effectively? The Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) programme has made 3 million euros available to investigate these questions in knowledge-chain-wide, interdisciplinary consortia. Municipalities, knowledge institutions and other interested parties can apply to participate in these projects.


In the coalition agreement, the Dutch cabinet stated its intention to combat poverty and debt. Concrete improvements are to be realised within several years. Research is necessary to realise breakthroughs. The research is meant to help municipalities answer their knowledge questions within this area. New work methods must be developed to tackle poverty and debt effectively. Knowledge transfer, knowledge utilisation and the application of the results throughout the entire duration of the projects are key aspects of this NWA programme. Within this call for proposals, research will be funded under three themes:
•    Theme 1: Living in poverty and social exclusion
•    Theme 2: Hidden poverty in various groups
•    Theme 3: Evaluation and effectiveness research into integrated and convergent interventions


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