Dutch Research Agenda – Science Communication and Outreach

Dutch Research Agenda – Science Communication and Outreach

The Dutch Research Agenda (NWA) is a programme where the public, stakeholders and researchers jointly identify questions, investigate these and share and implement the knowledge acquired. The aim of this is to further encourage the high-quality science climate in the Netherlands and to realise societal and scientific breakthroughs. Within the NWA programmes, the innovative character should be expressed in interdisciplinarity and the knowledge chain-wide composition of consortia.

Science Communication and Outreach

Science communication and Outreach has two communication goals: firstly, the communication about the NWA programme to researchers, scientists, stakeholders and civil society organisations. This communication supports the other three lines of action with respect to programme information, information about the various funding instruments and communication of the results. This is realised via the communication of NWO. Science Communication and Outreach also wants to help the field provide more optimal science communication, for example via a toolkit. Science Communication and Outreach has a facilitating role. The other goal is to inform the wider general public about the importance of science by means of a public information campaign.

Together with stakeholders

The foundation for the public communication has five main subjects. From May onwards, these will be rolled out on a three-monthly basis and elaborated together with the various stakeholders and market partners. This will ensure that the entire research field is considered, including the large societal themes that play a role there at that moment. The parties will jointly create content, realise the campaign and make use of each other's channels and resources to reach as broad an audience as possible that is interested in a given subject. This line of action will play a connecting role in that.

Public information campaign

Research by the market research agency Motivaction revealed that a large proportion of the Dutch public has no visible interest in science and has a neutral attitude towards it. This target group does not know the importance of science and research for our welfare, society and future. The public information campaign will mainly be aimed at this target group. This line of action has a directive role in that. The kick-off date for this campaign is Thursday 2 May, with a large event at Maassilo in Rotterdam: Expedition Next.

NWO acts in line with the measures that the government is taking in the approach of the corona virus. This has consequences for events, new fundings, current research and NWO policy. For more information go to www.nwo.nl/corona-en


The budget for Science Communication and Outreach in 2019 is 3 million euros.


Public event: 2 May
Start public information campaign: 2 May