Dutch Research Agenda– Innovation and Networks - Idea generator (NWA-IDG)

Dutch Research Agenda– Innovation and Networks - Idea generator (NWA-IDG)

(Young) researchers from the entire knowledge chain can apply for funding for high-risk and small-scale projects with a potential for social impact.

Innovation: NWA Idea generator

Besides facilitating connections between the entire knowledge chain, the NWA programme also focusses on innovation: the NWA as a stimulus for curiosity and inspiration throughout the Netherlands. Ideas are the basis for research and innovation: ideas can lead to highly promising new directions, but equally ideas that show that a different direction should be taken. Within the NWA, such ideas will be realised using the Idea generator.


The Idea Generator call wants to promote research with a potentially high social impact that is risky or too early in its development for an assessment in a regular peer review process. The program encourages creative, out-of-the-box thinkers to put into practice creative, exciting and innovative research ideas that are relevant to the NWA program. Within the Idea Generator, small projects can be funded to further develop an innovative idea by doing research. Applicants from all disciplines, with a practical, applied or fundamental focus, are welcome. (Young) researchers can submit an application individually, but can also do this with fellow applicants.


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