Network of networks

Network of networks

The Network of Networks programme facilitated multidisciplinary, empirical research into the impact of network technology developments in society.

The programme was established to research the consequences of the increasing complexity of ICT networks on socioeconomic issues.

Network technology developments occur rapidly and have an important influence on society. E-mailing, surfing, sharing information - everyone knows the possibilities that Internet provides and uses them too. Governments manage the associated infrastructure, which is increasingly comprehensive and more complex.

Network development dynamics

What effects do these technological developments have on society? Which scientific, social and policy questions arise from the development of electronic networks?

These questions were at the core of the research within the programme Network of

Networks. Research focused on the dynamics of the development of ICT networks and the policy questions that arise from this. It concerned multidisciplinary research with scientists participating from economics, sociology, law, business and policy studies among others.

NWO Social Sciences established the programme at the request of the National Action Programme for the Electronic Highway (Dutch: NAP).


A sounding board group was set up to support the programme's knowledge dissemination. This replaces the programme committee and the steering group.

Runs to 2012

The Network of Networks programme was completed in 2012.


The total budget was 4 million euros. 2.4 million euros was available for short-term research and 0.8 million euros for long-term research.


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